The company malatovi is a business support service provider, created by Roland Schaller in 2020, and is positioned as a "business accelerator". 
malatovi provides sales and marketing expertise in the fields of activity of high technology, based on: 
  • Internationally recognized education
  • Technical and commercial skills 
  • Experiences in various fields such as sales, product marketing, communication, technique, events, etc. 
  • Experience in multiple American and European structures, from start-ups to multinationals
  • Received a complex bid to follow? 
  • Need an external view of your sales force? 
  • Not enough sales resources available? 
  • Need professional sales training? 
  • Optimization of sales process required? 
  • Need to manage a network of partners? 
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Why a "sales accelerator"?
Nowadays in technology business, the horizon is uncertain, the development of new markets, new business areas and new customer acquisition require investment in commercial resources which economic viability is unknown. 
On the other hand, certain specific sales and marketing tasks requiring little time do not justify the employment of own full-time staff. A start-up business not always has the financial resources for a dedicated senior sales manager. 
An external consultant can also provide training, coaching or audit of internal and external company sales forces. 
Furthermore, for a foreign company not familiar with regulations around the employment in Europe or simply not having a legal entity inside the European Union, the perspective of hiring an employee and the legal risks surrounding litigation around labor law can be an obstacle to a decision to expand the business. 
Roland Schaller : 
  • German university Master degree (Bac +5) in Electrical Engineering, Telecom option 
  • Business school Master degree (Bac +5) in Management, Marketing option 
  • 26 years of experience in high-tech industries, including 17 in sales and marketing roles and more than 15 in management roles 
  • Active in half a dozen American and European structures, from start-ups to multinationals 
  • Trilingual English, French, German
IVAS Systems : Video surveillance specialist
  • Client since March 2020
  • Commercial management
  • Redefinition of Sales Strategy
  • Recruitment and management of partner network
  • Web Site Redesign
malatovi.com : Accélérateur Commercial
  • Development of own business
  • Prospection of new customers
  • Creation of Web Site www.malatovi.com
malatovi can assist in all areas of sales and marketing of a company active in the field of high technologies, and in all phases of development of the company: 
  • Start-up phase of the sales force: 
    • Identification of required sales profile 
    • Assistance to hiring sales resources 
    • Basic sales training 
    • Developing a business strategy 
  • Professionalization phase of sales force: 
    • Addition and implementation of a marketing function 
    • Support to the introduction of commercial management tools (CRM) 
    • Support of Sales Managers at customers 
    • Creation of a sales partner network 
  • Development phase in new markets or areas: 
    • Market research 
    • Participation to trade shows and exhibitions 
    • Prospecting on behalf of company 
    • Automation of partner management 
  • Stability phase of sales force: 
    • Ad-hoc assistance to the tasks of sales team 
    • Evaluation and response to commercial and European tenders 
    • Management of complex customer projects 
    • Audit of sales processes 
The above list is not exhaustive, each contract includes a preparatory meeting to identify customer needs, resulting in the creation of a mission statement outlining the deliverables and the engaged resources. 

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E-Mail : sales(at)malatovi.com

Mobile/WhatsApp : +33 632 50 52 10
Skype : roland_schaller

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